"now the pressure of social competition, the fast-paced way of life brought many invisible psychological pressure to the enterprise workers, Xining City Federation of trade unions to carry out the" mental health in enterprises’ activities, help enterprise workers out of the gray mood, eliminate mental sub-health, to a positive and healthy attitude into production in enterprises." Qinghai Yuntianhua International Chemical Co. Ltd. chairman Chang Jingyu said.

recently, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions to carry out mental health into enterprise activities, invite experts in psychology to the universities in the province have park of Xining economic and Technological Development Zone enterprise employees do psychological counseling seminars, psychological health knowledge will involve employees in physiological and psychological, emotional and behavior to the enterprise, send a a heartwarming "Chicken Soup for the front-line workers of 19 companies".

is the first enterprise staff sent to the psychological counseling class, is the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions on a beneficial attempt to the humanistic care and psychological counseling, also an innovation do ideological and political work under the new situation, to help enterprises establish mental health awareness, optimizing the psychological quality, enhance psychological adjustment ability, alleviate the psychological pressure, guide employees with a positive and healthy attitude towards various problems encountered in the production and life, to help workers to enhance mental health awareness, correctly adjusting mentality and build a harmonious enterprise team will have a positive impact.

is reported that the mental health into the enterprise activities in the four major parks in Xining enterprises are being implemented. To make this activity to achieve normalization, Xining City Federation of trade unions will establish unions of their counselors team, establish a group psychological counseling staff room and psychological counseling network platform, with two to three years formed the psychological aid system has the characteristics of trade unions. (author: Ye Wenjuan & Song Fang)


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