July 21st, 2013· FIRST Youth Film Festival opened in Xining city of Jiahe orange sky studios. The opening film "the youth film show their" director Du Xiaoyu and actress Ai Liya, actress on the opening ceremony of the red carpet, and after the show and the audience interaction. The site also announced the opening of the festival poster.

2013 annual FIRST Youth Film Festival is jointly organized by the Xining Municipal People’s government, Chinese Film Critics Association, this year has ushered in the seventh session, also attracted more and more attention in the industry. In the afternoon of the opening ceremony, Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Municipal Federation of trade unions chairman Wang Haihong and other leaders and young film directors and actors to walk the red carpet to attend the opening ceremony, announced the annual festival opening poster.


Film Festival opening film "they" is a student of Beijing Film Academy Du Xiaoyu graduate work, emotional changes in the course of a long a little story between the two women is not a familial affection. At the end of the film, the director and the film starring Ai Liya debut, and answered questions from the audience. Director Du Xiaoyu generous talked about the frustrations encountered in shooting early: "in the beginning when writing the script will naturally associate with Alicia teacher, because I have seen many of her movies, so the mind itself into her image, complete the script, I traveled to Alicia by the tutor teacher’s phone, a the teacher began to invite my question, after all, now use professional actors to enhance their awareness of the director, but after I read the script, she quickly agreed, and the whole process are very dedicated."

actress Alicia in "big family" "Genghis Gen Gi Khan" and other film and television works created in the simple, bold classic image and known to the audience, she also shared with the audience of all kinds of feelings and their cooperation with the young director.

the opening ceremony, the opening of the poster really become a major bright spot, hand-painted "attention unlimited" unit five nominees ("· West;" "Thailand" drop the article "Chinese partner" embarrassed "cook, actor," riffraff "great master") characters are of the iconic head the tile for the FIRST trophy, lively and interesting, with vivid vitality and unique youth film festival.

FIRST Youth Film Festival founder Mr. Wen song at the opening ceremony, said: "every year, the festival are growing together with countless youth movies and movie people, we witnessed a miracle, the more time we witnessed the birth process is difficult, this is an event, but it is not a the event, because here is not a good way to go, we really hope the young filmmakers can rise above the common herd on a film shoulder walked out into the industry to become more professional, because this is the youth film on the table, only more and more young filmmakers to accompany me;

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