reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Observatory, a large area of the province covering the cold air will hit from February 17th, the end of February 18th. This cold air will bring a large part of the province, cooling, precipitation process. In the meantime, it is expected that most of the province’s highest temperature will drop 4 to 6 degrees Celsius, some areas will drop about 8 degrees celsius.

it is reported that affected by cold air, in February 17th, Xining, the maximum temperature will drop to minus 2 degrees Celsius, but the daily minimum temperature does not fall or rise, up to minus 9 degrees celsius. Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Observatory expert Zhang Jinong introduction, this is because of the effects of clouds, so will the daily maximum temperature drop, daily minimum temperature rise phenomenon. In addition, the cold air process, the province will be a major blow, cooling, precipitation process, so it is likely that the Xining region in February 18th after the emergence of light snow weather process. (author: Wang Yalin)

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