if you are on the road to entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial ideas, do you want to do poineering work alone or to find a partner to start a business together? In fact, we all know that entrepreneurship is difficult to rely on a person, what problems have to face their own, which increases the risk of entrepreneurship. Survey shows that the husband and wife with a high probability of success, which is why? Here to share the story of the success of entrepreneurship.

wangchaochong: Li Yifei dialogue and is of high quality

1991 in September 28th, the Chinese Consulate in New York held a reception. Wang Chaoyong smiling into the consulate gate, a wide eyed girl Chinese immediately attracted his attention. "This is Li Yifei, a professional business consultant in New York." This is the United States standard Pool Co rating division Wang Chaoyong." A brief introduction of friends, so that two strangers met in a foreign country, although there was no excessive conversation, but got Li Yifei’s name card, the mood has not been so calm before the.

A year after the

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