selling boiled eggs can make money, this is a lot of people have recognized one thing, however, rely on such a business but want to make money seems unlikely. However, the hero of this article is relying on their own experience, to achieve greater accumulation of wealth. So, let’s take a look at the reason why selling boiled eggs can make a lot of money?

a friend from Taiwan, back from Taiwan. He gave me a case of his friend’s marketing. He said that his friend in the previous year, owed 20 million dollars, ruined. In the first half of last year, the money went up. It’s strange, what the guy is doing, making money so soon.

later found out that the guy was selling eggs. Think about it even more strange, half an egg to earn 20 million, how to sell eggs? Taiwan is so big, 24 million people, every day to give you a plug is not ah. Later learned that he was selling eggs in a hot spring, tourist attractions.

they drove a car, called a few friends to look at. How to sell half of unannounced visits to Boiled Egg earn 20 million. Ran there to see, there is a big sign "hot spring egg" three words. Known as the best local hot springs out of the very delicious, health care, packaging is very beautiful. A long queue, queue to buy.

quickly rushed to the time when he was surprised, he found that everyone in front of him is not to buy 200 is to buy the 300, and even buy the 400, the 500 have. This is boiled eggs ah, so how do you get it? The four or five of us ran over, even if a person ate the five, the only five people to eat the 25. Run into a look to know that those who pay the money to stay there, leave the address, stay on the phone. Handed the money to go away, no one took the egg.

really take the eggs to go a few, to buy a little to mention their own. Then came to him, and only a few eggs to eat this delicious. I’ve never eaten such delicious eggs. The middle of the heart is not hard egg, then taste the fragrance has entered into the central area to the egg inside.

do not know what to cook, really delicious. How much is it? An equivalent of 2 yuan. We all know that eggs in the mainland, the cost of 5 cents. Sell 2 dollars is not earn? Then he came back and said, how can you sell so much? Very simple, positioning is not the same. His position is very simple, the local tourist attractions, every day there are thousands of people to travel there, he positioned it as a gift. The method is the simulation of melatonin, a gift. What do people need to travel there? Buy gifts back, right?

buy gifts have several obstacles? First, too expensive, can not afford. It’s too cheap. So hot spring egg is the only feature of Taiwan. >

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