With the arrival of Internet plus

, the development of the electricity supplier online shopping has become a basic pattern like a raging fire, that we consume power indelible contribution to the development of our economy. Reporters learned from the Provincial Department of Commerce, according to incomplete statistics, as of mid September, the province’s electricity supplier listed companies (including platform class and application class) more than 40. With the capital market, Henan electricity supplier continued to maintain rapid growth. In the first half of this year, the province’s e-commerce transactions 495 billion yuan, an increase of 28.2%; online retail growth, reaching $92 billion 800 million, an increase of 39.5%, continue to maintain rapid growth.

the introduction of well-known electricity supplier to develop local enterprises

is proud of that, through open cooperation, domestic and foreign well-known electricity supplier has almost all imported from Henan. Oracle, Microsoft, Baidu and other Alibaba, have settled down in the park of e-commerce industry in Henan province is located in Zhengzhou high tech Zone; Google, Alibaba, Baidu, China manufacturing network as the representative of the cross-border e-commerce platform of enterprises is also accelerating the layout of the Henan market.

Google Corporation and its partners in the world factory network in Zhengzhou, the establishment of Greater China’s first home appliance business experience center. The use of Ali platform to carry out cross-border electricity supplier business in China more than 4200 enterprises, ranking first in the central and western regions, more than second times more than the Hubei province 2.5. Baidu Henan search business growth for 4 consecutive years ranked first in the country.

introduction of domestic and foreign well-known electricity supplier, while Henan local electricity supplier platform is also rapidly rising. China food network, the world factory, China manufacturing trading network, corporate exchange network, uniproduct, fresh and easy global lingerie and a large number of our province local e-commerce platform has become the industry leader in their respective fields.

statistics show that Chinese food network information released on the price, supply and demand of more than 1000 days, more than 1 million 400 thousand hits; the world factory opened Chinese international station, station, station, station Arabic Spanish and many other languages, the enterprise information included nearly 30 million, more than 3 million 500 thousand hits, has grown into a manufacturing enterprise B2B international trade comprehensive service brands; Chinese manufacturing trading network is the domestic manufacturing industry B2B e-commerce platform, the network has 8 million users; enterprises ibusiness agglomeration industry member 50.

at the same time, the electricity supplier comprehensive service business booming, knowledge of technology companies, General Machine Co and other companies, the Anyang black spider relies on its own superiority, for foreign trade enterprises to use e-commerce to provide the whole process, "nanny" service.

over 80% foreign trade enterprises to use cross-border electricity supplier marketing

commerce department provides data show that at present the province’s import and export is recommended

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