as the saying goes, it is never too old to learn, but there are few people in their old age stage, but also to choose entrepreneurship, but there is such a legend of the elderly, prove that the truth, in my limited time, hit a big business, a large fortune.

51 years old? What were you doing when you were 73 years old? What were you doing when you were 85 years old? Zhu Shijian’s answer is that at the age of 51, he began to build a Hongta mountain tobacco empire. When he was 73 years old, he had nothing to do. At the age of 85, he was a billionaire. At the age of 90, Zhu Shijian of all are not sure, he can determine the Chu orange orchard continues to expand.

through a period as everyone knows life ups, 2002, Zhu Shijian and his wife contracted a 2400 acres of barren hills to orange. The reason is very simple, fate took him all, he wanted to rely on their ability to take back from the fate of the hand. So he went back to his original role as a farmer and began to hit the ground. This is not a temporary rise, but based on the natural advantages of the land in Yunnan Ailao Mountains suitable for orange fruit and fruit market in China, the reality of the scarcity of high-grade fruit. "I don’t have as much knowledge as I do now, but my experience is richer than that of the young."

experience for a over seventy years, entrepreneurs have the ability to plan ahead and patience. At the time when the investigation of Ailao Mountain, land resources, water supply is the most important part of the old chu. Before he planted orange, has invested 2 million yuan to set up water pipes, water pipes. At that time, around him who can’t understand why he go to war so, until the 2009 Yunnan drought, Ailao Mountain farmland of Chengdu because of the drought affected, while the old orchard is all well Chu, not affected by what everyone was feeling his foresight.

the old Chu first enterprise is in the period of "Cultural Revolution", when he was Yunnan gasatownship, sugar factory. "The characteristics of young people is a success with confidence, failure discourage you did not dare to try, when I was young and so demonstrative. We started making brown sugar, brown sugar found crystalline particles are too small to equipment and concentrated method to modify crystallization, did not think the new scheme will lead to huge steam, then heard ‘Bang’ sound, a steam cover thirty or forty kilograms, washed up on the day to go, rushed to the twenty or thirty meter drop down. Oh, how dangerous! This is called blind is not afraid of tigers."

10 years

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