although now what goods, countless shops have, however, a lot of consumers in the purchase is not at ease. And the National Day period, with a few cigarettes lingshouhu friends QQ chat, they told me a dilemma: Recently, many foreign consumers into the store to buy cigarettes, do not worry to buy old cigarette, always looks around, then ask this question, for fear of being cheated, really annoying.

through QQ, I told them: not only the foreign customers, including local customers, are likely to buy cigarettes do not rest assured that this is normal, not a fuss. The reason: one is unfamiliar, worry about buying cigarettes is two rights difficult; "once bitten, twice shy of ten years, had deceived experience, so when buying cigarettes that buy cigarettes.

three is the number of retailers in the store to post "tobacco is sold, will not be returned" prompt, let the consumer shopping psychology pressure, afraid to buy cigarettes from the counter is not returned. As a retailer, we should learn empathy, to the customer to explain the work, try to make the customer satisfied, and not upset, but can not blame the customer. So, how to make consumers feel at ease to buy cigarettes, I have the following understanding and thinking.

bright card business is a prerequisite

nowadays, the vast majority of cigarette retail households, in the shop to do business in the bright card business, that is: the tobacco monopoly retail license hanging or placed in the store eye-catching. This is not only the requirements of tobacco monopoly management, easy monopoly law enforcement inspection is also the need to dispel consumer concerns. For consumers, especially foreign consumers into the store to buy cigarettes, most worried about "black", what they call the "black" is what we call the undocumented households.

in the cigarette market, there are very few retailers do not realize the importance and benefits of bright card operation, often locked in the cabinet or under pressure in the bed, the reason is afraid of losing, afraid of dirty. Although some retail stores will be hung on the wall, but the hanging position is not eye-catching, monopoly staff into the store to check, without a search, it is difficult to see the shadow of the license.

some shop owners will permit arbitrarily placed on the shelf, a long time, the license was on the shelves blocked, unable to see, sometimes, permit into the shelf slot, until the permit inspection, the owner can like ants on a hot pan, find a disorderly carry off all that one has. Some shopkeepers can achieve bright card business, but do not cherish the license, it stained, smoked yellow, let a person look very uncomfortable.

I think, some households do not permit to bright card business, cherish the license is not to develop good habits. Therefore, it is recommended that retailers should consciously develop bright card business, cherish the good habit of license. Habit support

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