is now the shopping center has a great change, we may not have found that previous shopping centers accounted for only 1/5 of the food and beverage industry, now has gradually expanded to 1/3 or even 1/2, urgent needs of the catering industry that people. The shopping center each meal drink flat brand are also retain customers showing their bidding.

experience is "benevolent"

The rise of the most fundamental reason for the rise of

dining experience consumption era, which is closely related to the electricity supplier. This shop a few years due to the impact of the store, originally as a key shopping center formats apparel retail gross profit fell sharply, realized that without experience and direct the parity of goods must be more advantage of online shopping, only online experience to do the consumer is to attract popularity and opportunity nuggets mall.

"we have studied, a guest at the mall only stay within 3 hours or more, the possibility of shopping is the largest, it is necessary to extend the residence time of the guests to promote consumption, so the restaurant industry has become very important." Golden Eagle chairman Wang Heng said.

other formats may be realized in the virtual network, but the saying goes, "hunger breeds discontentment", must complete the entity to eat, and eat not only "eat" itself, which is a kind of social behavior, such as eating the food pictures, immediately to share WeChat is now It is quite common for scene, this Internet era of social. Let the catering industry gradually popular.

strong food "tieqian also difficult to recruit"

in view of the above reasons, the restaurant has become a major shopping mall touted formats. Today, shopping, dining and entertainment for 52: 18: 30 of the "golden ratio" is gradually broken, a lot of new shopping center projects or adjust the format of the old project, shopping, catering, entertainment industry proportion gradually evolved into each accounted for 1/3, sometimes even more than the proportion of food accounted for about 40%.

relative to the Chinese market each year hundreds of new shopping centers, high-quality food and beverage brands are scarce resources. In our experience, is to attract several high-quality food brand popularity is nothing more than the grandmother, Green Tea, sea fishing, although these food brands in recent years the expansion is not slow, but a market average speed is the annual food and beverage brands to open 20~30 new stores this year, than the hundreds of new shopping Center 1/10 only to gather popular restaurant brands suddenly become popular.

"because the catering capacity is low, the general can only afford 5~10 yuan per square metre per day, up to 30 yuan a day and clothing industry rent per square metre, so the previous developers are bullish, disliked food trade. But now the cattle have been a developer for decades

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