in the entrepreneurial boom, migrant workers return home entrepreneurship has become the focus of social concern. In order to encourage migrant workers to return home to start their own business, the country is also actively provide a number of preferential policies for their business to provide a better quality assurance.

6 10, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to support migrant workers and other personnel home business policy, add new momentum to entrepreneurship, innovation mass.

The meeting pointed out that the

the policy significance.

"bank is also very strange, in the egg prices well short of money, send money to the old bank loans, once the egg prices, bank loans difficult to find. That is, when you do not need money to lend you the bank, you are short of money, they do not lend." The migrant workers hope that the national policy can be implemented.

home business promoting farmers

while strengthening entrepreneurship training, the migrant workers into the social security, housing, education, health care and other public service system, through the government purchase of services and other mechanisms to help staff to improve the home business management and market development.

"home business should simplify procedures, to reduce the migrant workers bound, so that migrant workers can safely venture." He said.

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