some people have entrepreneurial goals in catering, clothing industry, Internet industry and so on, and some entrepreneurs create new styles, dig out new business opportunities in the field of business service. Yang Tao, a junior student, opened a "Venture Service Area" to provide a resting place for many entrepreneurs.

said entrepreneurship to "do the boss during the day, sleep on the floor" in the evening, had over 20 years of age of the Yiwu business school Junior Yang Tao has a simple desire to busy a customer to provide a comfortable home environment, like on the highway service area".

A, Yang Tao sell cotton slippers in the night market, closing time is 1 a.m.. He was cold and hungry and thirsty, and he was looking for a "30 yuan a night" apartment nearby. Apartment conditions are very general, but Yang Tao satisfied. "Yiwu is so big, a lot of outsiders, there are very young apartment market." Yang Tao said, when he proposed this idea, teachers and classmates think he whimsical. You said a lot of money to open the apartment, the youth apartment security is very difficult to manage, but Yang Tao didn’t beat a retreat.

Not only a lot of money to open the apartment

in Yang Tao’s "stalker", investors Mr. Huang decided to try entrepreneurship theme apartments. To create a guest to create a comfortable accommodation environment, Yang Tao and investors invested about 200000 yuan, to the apartment equipped with broadband, television, air conditioning and other facilities, almost reached the Fasthotel standards.

apartment set 3 free reception of foreign visitors way. First, tickets for places: visitors can come to Yiwu with the recent train tickets, bus tickets, tickets for the 3 day night, the convenience of many tourists visit Yiwu, looking for business opportunities; second, to book for the night: for books is tourism, business, etc. some positive energy inspirational books. This can change for a day, these books is also provided to the guests through the recommendation;

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