China underwear to join the market competition is intense, but also very profitable. In this environment, the choice of the brand needs to be very careful. The most important choice of the four points to join the brand underwear skills in the following.

the franchisee to choose suitable underwear brand, management can be effective. When choosing underwear to join the brand, can not let down because the industry prospects, choose to join the brand or to consider all aspects of the. But in the face of a large number of joining the brand, join the trap, underwear franchisee how to choose the right brand? The following small series to tell you when to choose the brand to note:

1, field trips, check the strength of the company

2, goods than three

3, for


actually find flaws in the management and staff to view the state of the company’s. If the company management is better, the staff will form a certain degree of cohesion, the work will always maintain a positive attitude, giving a very professional, standardized feeling.

find flaws from the details view is the strength of the company. As the saying goes, the details show strength, a name card, a phone call can observe the basic strength of the enterprise brand, if the Brand Company pay attention to the details of the management, each step is in place, it is enough to prove that the strength of a solid company, this underwear franchisee will have more confidence in the future cooperation.

4. the goods quality and delivery price of

only strictly according to certain criteria to select the underwear brand, in order to recommend

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