entrepreneurship is a very difficult thing, only in the lessons learned, is the best way to success. Here’s a suggestion from our predecessors!

– should pay attention to several points, is to identify who is the key customers, who are the general customers, general customers should be the focus of care, key customers will often take care of. Most of the work is to serve the old customers, the rest of the time is to develop new customers. I have also confirmed a truth: 50% market performance from 20% of the old customers, don’t expect to occupy the entire market, it is not possible to do, and find good service by our customers has been successful.

– a person’s value is often reflected in his service object. Therefore, to see how important this person is, it depends on whom he serves.

– 1000 yuan of money in the hands of this is 1000 yuan, but the circulation of the market is a variable, may be added, but also may devalue. It depends on the eyes and minds of investors.

– only station in the market, will recognize that the market demand is the weight of words. How to effectively extend the product to the public mind, which reflects the necessity of marketing, advertising, publicity and promotion; how to spend the minimum cost to maximize efficiency, ability depends entirely on the decision maker’s insight and resource integration.

The word "

"positioning", is now in fashion, also shows its influence and importance. For an enterprise, it is to determine the future direction of the company, the advantage of the enterprise is more concentrated to play to the extreme, more professional; for a person, it is focused on their own advantages to find their own love and good career. The word "positioning" is a invincible, ever-victorious sword.

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