as a layman, for the explosion of such a name may be inadequate understanding, I do not know what kind of product in the end what kind of characteristics. In fact, the explosion refers to the sale of goods in short supply, high sales of goods. That shop sells best, for businesses to the most profitable items, each seller will want their own shops in the explosion of the more the better, but neglect is also limited explosion models appeared, not what commodity can become explosive, the explosion models, there are several errors, we do not touch and these matters, we also need to pay attention to the nature. So, shop explosion to create what precautions?

A. low-end price products. For some of the goods are very cheap, the seller used to make money at the expense of sales, the final price increase. But Xiao Bian is not recommended to do so. First of all, a product has its weight, you after the price of products will reduce weight, then the ranking will be reduced, secondly, a product 29.9 yuan a day do you may be able to sell 300, but the price mentioned 39.9 yuan, may 100 does not sell, because it has a relationship with the market price range your price range, the market determines the daily sales of saturation, if you want to break the saturation, then only by standing outside the promotion to solve this problem, the largest sales quota!

B. cost must have the advantage. For a Taobao C shop (personal shop), your prices are higher than the same type of product price, so basically do not burst, unless you are selling more than the same type of selling point, also is the price, then may sell up. Do not want to profit through the explosion of non profit, promote the sale of other products. This method is not feasible. According to the relevant statistics, in the case of shop decoration is not perfect, generally sell 100 explosive products, but also to promote buyers to buy 1 to 2 other related products store.

C. supply to stabilize. Do not think that the 1000 parts inventory is enough, if an explosion really big explosion, then one day to sell a few hundred pieces is easy, 1000 not two days can be sold, you re stocking too late. Therefore, we must also pay attention to the baby’s supply problems, or not to create a burst of money, but no goods can be issued, it is not very helpless.

D. do not change baby attributes. After the explosion to create a successful, do not change the baby attributes, in order to prevent popularity and sales were cleared.

many shopkeepers are trying to create a burst out of the product, the product is not enough to pay attention to the explosion of the product, resulting in even if the real to create a burst of money, but the operation of the shop is not much help. So, if you want to successfully create a shop explosion, these considerations also need you pay attention to oh.

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