most friends in the family decoration, decoration is no experience, do not understand the correct steps and matters needing attention in the decoration decoration decoration, so the house really is eyebrows beard, baffled. Today the whole network Xiaobian for you about decoration steps should pay attention to in the process of house decoration.

for not too much decoration concept, and do not understand too much jargon "quasi owner", in order to accurately express the designer to want your decoration style and home is really difficult. Song Bin suggested that at the beginning of the formal decoration to Home Furnishing stores around, feeling, look at the wall and floor tiles, wood flooring, bathroom and other materials. May wish to bring a camera, if the home stores allow, then take their favorite home space down, so that when communicating with the designer, you can use photos to express the feelings of the heart. Doing so can ensure that the final design program can be combined with the actual needs of the owners to do, to avoid the completion of the decoration, because they can not buy the ideal furniture and led to the design effect greatly reduced.

if you want to resettlement floor heating or central air-conditioning in the new homes, must begin in advance, because they do not belong to the decoration company construction, need to be completed before the start of the renovation. Note: heating and central air-conditioning must by professional and technical personnel to the construction, but Jiezhuang company designers, supervision and water electrician should also present problems we need to negotiate to circuit the hidden works etc..

bathroom cabinet

the kitchen and the bathroom is the most can reflect the quality of life Home Furnishing private space, the main battlefield of the two places also consume a lot of decoration materials "". The cabinet design is the main function partition, try to set the cabinet in the water reform, let the cabinet manufacturers home measurement, to determine the specific location of the cabinet, told the installation position and position of tank designers and engineering supervision appliances placed, so that the transformation in hydropower accurately when reserved power socket and sink position. Toilet and basin as well as the use of the lavatory basin also need to be booked before construction, different toilet water and different ways of the size and position of the drainage holes are not unified, need to pay special attention to.


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