modern skin prone to a variety of situations, not dry skin, that is easy to Zhangdou, or the occurrence of large pores, these sub health problems in the skin is really a problem for people who love beauty. So how to solve the problem of sub health of the skin? The following will weapon, let Amy easily get rid of the trouble.

1. dry skin

Changes of temperature and pressure

2. pore thick skin

for different skin, shrink pores approach are different: although in general less dry skin will appear coarse pores, but if the long-term life is not the law in addition to improper care, will make the pores become coarse. It is recommended that the skin of this kind of friends from the diet and rest, careful care and other aspects of the skin to adjust to improve.

3. dull skin

for cosmetic habits of women, it is recommended that you use the recommended

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