in our daily lives, whether it is our personal safety or our cars, etc., will buy the insurance to prevent accidents. The day before, the Nanjing Municipal Finance Bureau, City Land Bureau, the municipal finance office, Jiangsu Insurance Regulatory Bureau, the municipal office on aging and other relevant departments and the happy life, Lee life and other insurance companies jointly held a pilot "will promote the house-for-pension scheme", is expected to soon is expected by the end of the introduction of related products. So, Nanjing new insurance to the housing endowment product is how? Let’s get together.

in July this year, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued "the CIRC on the extension of the elderly housing reverse mortgage endowment insurance pilot and expand the scope of the notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice" "), the elderly housing reverse mortgage endowment insurance (hereinafter referred to as" reverse mortgage insurance ") during the pilot extended to June 30, 2018, and the scope of the pilot extended to the municipalities, provincial capital city (the capital of the autonomous region), planning cities, and some cities in Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Shandong Province, Guangdong province.

The so-called

reverse mortgage insurance, which has a house full ownership of the elderly, the mortgage insurance company, continues to have the right to dispose of housing possession, use, income and by the mortgagee’s consent, in accordance with the agreed conditions of pensioners until death; after death, the insurance company to get a mortgage right of disposal, the disposal proceeds the priority for payment of pension related costs.

"notice" clearly, the reverse mortgage insurance is an innovative breakthrough in the traditional concept of retirement pension, is also a niche business. It is to explore the insurance industry to participate in the housing endowment ", so that the elderly real estate major stock assets in transfer of the right to the use of the premise can be transformed into pension funds, to meet the old people hope the three core needs of home care, increase pension income, long-term pension.

currently on the market only a happy life "real happiness, elderly housing reverse mortgage endowment insurance (A)" in the sale, but the sales situation is not ideal.

in an interview with reporters found that reverse mortgage insurance contract, not unrelated to the traditional pension consciousness, housing value assessment, risk aversion means, government tax policy and housing property rights etc.. However, Yuan Xucheng, director of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, told reporters earlier, said, according to the general insurance business development standards, the scale of the reverse mortgage insurance business insignificant.

insurance is in great demand in our life, there are many aspects involved. Nanjing new insurance to the housing endowment product launch, according to the current market demand and the development of a certain significance. For this kind of innovative small business, can not follow the traditional standard, simply on the success or failure in quantity. As long as it is recommended

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