has been a large number of Chinese students abroad in order to overseas nuggets, but also to find a good home to find a layer of gold to find good candidates. But now more foreign students would like to return to business, China’s booming market opportunities so that they echocardiography.

Ieon (net) is already settled in England in Taiyuan, he created a field of mobile Internet technology companies in China, the main memory, ink back word APP is that he and fellow R & D products. Students like Ieon in Shanxi there are many, in their respective areas of interest in doing what you love, entrepreneurship, for them, is not only a means of living, is a lifelong dedicate career.

in order to retain talent, not only has the government policy support, also opened the Shanxi Province students Pioneering Park, Tsinghua holdings technology park business park, to provide venues and opportunities for returnees. Fan Rui said, such as Tsinghua holdings science and Technology Park, for small entrepreneurs, specifically the A block 4 building out for a passenger space station, separated into more than and 100 rooms, each about two square meters or so, free to enter, free broadband, conference room, hydropower and other equipment, and have these resources need to pay 3000 yuan of property charges only a year.

since 2005 embarked on a foreign land, Liu Jinqiang had made up his mind to break a world.

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