management activity continued to open, to provide new impetus to economic growth China. Among them, the most critical role comes from the innovation and entrepreneurial talent, talent is the new engine of China’s economic growth. Not only include domestic talent, but also the majority of overseas chinese.

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11 30, the innovation of science and Technology Commission Chinese overseas Chinese investment enterprises association was founded in beijing. At the meeting, including the deputy director of the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Qiu Yuanping, Tan Tianxing, Chinese overseas Chinese Investment Enterprises Association President Xie Guomin and other officials, entrepreneurs, as overseas Chinese in the era of technological innovation and how to participate in the cooperation of mutual benefit, has been widely discussed.

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"the implementation of the 2008 National" thousand person plan ", more and more overseas Chinese professionals choose to return to the development of China’s introduction of high-end technical personnel accounted for more than 90%." At the inaugural meeting of the association Chinese overseas Chinese investment enterprise technological innovation Committee held on 30, the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Qiu Yuanping described the past few years, overseas Chinese returning to the trend of the development of high-tech enterprises, they founded the number increasing, the development of increasingly large scale, economic benefits and better, more and more high technology content.

Xu Deqing is one of them from the United States:

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