survey shows that female entrepreneurs in the business is more robust than male entrepreneurs, more likely to stand firm in the market crisis, through the storm. To support women entrepreneurship is one of the social development of people’s livelihood should focus on.

2015 in the evening of November 26th, the "520 women entrepreneurs dream forum held in Changan campus of Xi’an University of Posts and telecommunications, Shaanxi Swire Coca-Cola Company Sales Manager Guo Dongliang was invited to the interpretation and significance of the 520 women’s entrepreneurship project.

sponsored by the activities of the Communist Youth League of Shaanxi provincial Party committee, Shaanxi provincial youth development foundation, the Xi’an Municipal Women’s Federation, Xi’an daily, Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications Committee contractors, Xi’an Electronic Commerce Association and Shaanxi Coca-Cola Swire Beverage Co. Ltd. Co, aims to provide business guidance to students, enhance the employability and competitiveness.

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