out of a makeup, is a respect for me, is a kind of respect for others, therefore, it is because of this consumer psychology of the people, will let the make-up market usher in more big market demand, the industry brand is to get a more rapid development, has formed a very high-end and the very high visibility of the brand. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the makeup of the top ten brands list, so that you can have a better consumer choice.

makeup of the top ten brands NO.1.LANCOME Lancome Lancome is a well-known cosmetics brand, a high reputation in the industry. Lancome (LANCOME) products include beauty products, perfumes and cosmetics. What a beautiful and elegant atmosphere, Lancome is already the world’s people love and familiar brands. As early as perfume started Lancome (LANCOME), has become a guide to the development of a full range of cosmetic brands. In the course of the past few decades on behalf of the United States, it always represents the exquisite, elegant, temperament and charisma, but it has always maintained a noble but not high attitude, to protect all women go for it’s gentle and calm and considerate.

makeup ten brands list NO.2.Dreamtimes Dreamtimes M2 fantasy trilogy a great reputation can obtain is not a recommendation of the author, often focus on Ruili and Mina MM also has repeatedly seen her figure, the whitening effect in people survey results Ruili supplement is clear, favorable rate and satisfaction 92% once again proved her super full three-dimensional whitening effect, a full set of products, not a price of 300 yuan, let it become more young people nowadays use whitening and moisturizing beauty products, bear high quality and inexpensive, the cost of the king’s crown.

makeup ten brands list NO.3.Skin food SKIN FOOD original skin in 1957 South Korea international senior cosmetics company, South Korea is rare as South Korea technology equipment cooperative enterprises, not only the product self rate is high, and is currently one of only two South Korean factories which have nano technology, especially food items are quite diverse products, including: make-up, maintenance, shower series, are applicable to both men and women, and even children’s cleaning and maintenance is complete brand series, a senior professional and a wide range of products, products of raw materials are from natural food, fruit, and natural organic herbs and fruit production for the brand appeal, and delicate product packaging and more comparable to European and American brands.

makeup ten brand ranking NO.4.L’OREAL L’OREAL L’OREAL is one of the high visibility, has a long history of the mass cosmetics brand, the main production Hair Coloring hair, makeup and beauty products, its superior quality has always been the global beauty of women of all ages. L’OREAL in the whole of the history of the development of the industry in twentieth Century

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