college students’ employment is difficult, the problem of social employment pressure has always been a major concern of the state. The State Council has issued relevant policies, in order to encourage everyone to start business, ease social employment pressure.

6 16 in the morning news, the State Council to support public entrepreneurship initiatives introduced, "opinions of the State Council on promoting innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples several policy measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), to start from the business license to the intellectual property rights and are listed for the support of relevant policies; and support the banking innovation, encourage the development of the financing platform.

for innovation platform, views that, to accelerate the development of incubator service. Vigorously develop innovative workshops, garage coffee and other new incubators, bigger and stronger public space, improve business incubation services.

The following is the text of comments:

Some policies and measures opinions of


No. 32

the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, ministries and agencies directly under the State Council:

to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation.

– to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, is the inevitable choice to cultivate and the birth of economic and social development of the new power. Along with our country’s resources and environment constraints increasingly strengthened, the scale factor driving force gradually weakened, difficult to continue the traditional high input, high consumption, extensive mode of development, economic development has entered a new norm, from factor driven, investment driven to innovation driven.

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