a shop opened the need to pay attention to the problem is very much, here Xiaobian only a few simple introduction. For example, the shop is surrounded by residential areas, then choose to set off firecrackers at five or six o’clock on the first day of the opening of the business has caused resentment among the residents, so that the opening time on the need to adjust. For instance, did not pay attention to the weather, leading to the opening day Rain falls in torrents., I’m afraid there will not be many customers. So, there are more business needs of our attention.

opening to consider consumer spending habits and psychology. It is best to choose holidays, so you can take the opportunity to promote. For example, a variety of traditional festivals or statutory holidays; in recent years, the rise of foreign festivals, such as Christmas, Valentine’s day, etc..

to consider the living habits of residents around the business premises, not disturbing because of the premature or late, usually should be arranged in the morning 9 points to 11, the most appropriate.

should always pay attention to weather forecast. To pay close attention to the recent weather conditions. To choose a sunny day, the weather will have more people out of the house, to participate in the ceremony activities.

Three point

opened, here Xiaobian introduced an industry actually applies to any of the shops in short, in many details with only more attention, can let the shop business become more popular, so that it can promote the development of the opening of the shop after usher in hot.

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