women’s entrepreneurship development rapidly, many career women embrace starting from management activities. Recently, the first female public record of Yangtze River Delta landing platform, to redefine the meaning of female entrepreneurship in Internet plus era.

the first Yangtze River Delta Female Entrepreneurship Project Awards held in Hangzhou in January 24th, the Yangtze River Delta’s first female public record platform officially landed in the field, the event also announced the first Hangzhou top ten female entrepreneurship project".

in the "innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples" two creative background, 2015 Chinese women entrepreneurs show has not appeared in nearly 10 years the rapid rise of the potential. "Zhejiang women entrepreneurs (2015) annual report" shows that as of the end of November 2015, the number of Zhejiang women was founded by the main body of the market reached 1 million 304 thousand and 300, accounting for the number of the province’s main market accounted for 28%. These women entrepreneurs not only in the business showed remarkable strength in Entrepreneurship and innovation to lead the new normal, two beautiful Zhejiang construction, Zhejiang regression and other aspects, also highlights the tremendous influence.

"more and more women are becoming more independent, more and more courage to show themselves, realize their dreams with their own efforts, women hold up half the sky is no longer an empty, there have been two years of investment background, close to 90 founder Nancy on MISS  X platform have devoted all their energy, she said," female consumption has been the main consumer, female entrepreneurs are more aware of women wants and needs".

"Internet plus" era, provides a powerful technology, data communication, support for innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial opportunities ushered in a hitherto unknown female. According to reports, "the first Hangzhou female entrepreneurship ten project" award a total of 92 projects for registration, a Hangzhou start-up project almost all women, of which 10 projects through online voting and expert assessment to ten.

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