in recent years, the social development of the new moon, a variety of opportunities continue to give birth, insight into the trend of people can always grasp the opportunity to win the position. For many people who have entrepreneurial ideas, it is necessary to understand the entrepreneurial trend. Below, this article will reveal the 2015 five business trends.

O2O into every corner of

2014, the fusion and subversion of the traditional industries and the Internet has reached a hitherto unknown degree, O2O has become a coveted fragrance to disobey. Take the most close to the lives of people with the basic necessities of life, private custom into a new mode of the traditional garment industry to test the water O2O, the U.S. group, hungry, Baidu and other popular takeaway service, home improvement O2O platform for the "live" brought new vitality in providing information services, taxi software and parking lot management applications outbreak strong force.

2015 mobile will be more violent storms, the mobile Internet penetration of traditional industries will be more comprehensive, in-depth, production, channels, services, media and other traditional industries with high degree of market suffered a massive impact, have to change, net and rapid transition to the mobile Internet, Wanda electric shock is the obvious example. We have reason to believe that the most favorable entrepreneurial opportunity has been formed, more excellent start-up companies will emerge.

agriculture to embrace the Internet

in embracing the Internet on traditional agriculture presentspolarization trend, this trend will be further intensified in the future. Despite the increasing popularity of rural networks, but the impact of the Internet on agricultural production of the traditional process is still very limited. Those who get the market demand through the network, and then on-demand planting story is very good, but in the short term it is difficult to spread to the wider countryside.

in the processing and sale of agricultural products, and the effect of Internet intervention momentum is very obvious. On the deep processing of agricultural products and global deployment, supplemented by the progress of logistics and distribution, in the future to further enhance the processing of agricultural products and brand profit margins.

main force in the improvement of agricultural products consumption, white-collar class, in the food safety crisis today, high-end consumer market will be further expanded. The Internet and technology company’s brand reputation, is not weaker than the traditional agricultural brand — even between transparency and marketing ability confidence while the former is more likely to be accepted by the high-end consumer groups.

industrial era

the robot is the rise of large-scale alternative manufacturing workers. In the future, industrial 4 will play a strong advantage in the field of large-scale simple manufacturing, but can not replace all artificial. The real driving force of Chinese and global manufacturing base for the robot, and the progress of technology — but not with the natural population growth rate decreased, the demographic dividend subsided, the labor shortage will become a long-term problem.

This is the robot

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