A sense of identity is small is

, with no experience of the people have a lot to learn from the experience of others, in a certain standard, do not do what thing, just ism, even catering industry management. As we all know, the most critical is the beginning of the restaurant business is the selection of the project, the project is good and bad directly related to the success of your career road twists and turns.

what kind of project can be called a good project? Two eyes, a nose, or three eyes, two ears? Good projects on the face, will not write "good project" of the word three. So, at this time, we need to have the piercing eye to screening, screening.

nonsense not say, on the dry cargo! In three aspects: market, project,


consumer trends

consumer trends, with the words that is the degree of popularity. First, the current hot degree; two is the future of the hot degree. Now the fire doesn’t mean that there will not fire fire, now also does not mean that the future is not fire. Good projects, must be in line with the direction of economic development and the general trend of living standards, health trends, such as beverages, baking, coffee, professional trends, such as Hong Kong style dessert.

is a very classic example: in 2013, unusually hot cheese cake, like a meteor, like fireworks, as short. Such a phenomenon, most likely to occur in a single product is the flagship project, a single product, short life cycle, tired of appearing too early, the market shrinking rapidly disappear. However, young people, but also the most vulnerable to the attraction of such projects, so please pay attention to yourself, look at the long-term, do not follow suit, do not blindly.

down to earth

perfect project, will encounter a more wonderful market. Usually all right, but it is not business, then, is the most likely not down to earth.

is not down to earth again, popular point that is the project and consumer tastes, consumption, aesthetic three habits appear serious discrepancies, for example: Fuzhou, Wuhan love sweet salty; the elderly generally settle on the price, after 90 generally love fashionable white-collar; stress force, pay attention to the boss pomp.

so, before deciding whether to invest, market research must be done, if you ask me, what is called market survey? So I will teach you: take out 20 thousand yuan from the bank card, to open a restaurant in the area you put one by one in this area of the fire before the 10 Restaurant for 3 times. Your mind, will naturally have a standard is down to earth.



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