is now all over the China Merchants exhibition activities to carry on constantly, at the same time there are also many problems, some of which are participating enterprises due to the lack of certain professional knowledge in business exhibition, often encounter problems and made some mistakes.

Second, do not pay attention to the needs of exhibitors.

The new information

Third, ignoring the importance of employee.

Fourth, not good at collecting information.

every time to participate in the exhibition to reach the ultimate goal, to be good at collecting process of large-scale exhibition in the most prominent and common problems, this can avoid a series of the occurrence of the next exhibition in the process. The latest information can be collected at the same time, competitors can learn from each other, and comprehensively improve their next target exhibition. But often the exhibitors in the exhibition process to ignore this point, resulting in a long time to visit exhibitors to strange business conversation, the final delay time, did not meet the information needs of the ultimate collection exhibition.

fifth, missed the exhibition assessment.

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