shop everywhere is learning, not only to master the management skills, while some display skills is also very important. Some people want to open their own clothing store, clothing store, how to display the desire to buy it? Let us take a look at it, I hope you learn more skills.

let us begin from the 8 psychological stages of consumer shopping (attention, interest, desire, Lenovo, comparison, trust, action, meet), from these 8 stages we can see that more is reflected in several stages in front of the products on display requirements higher, if you want to increase the influence of products to the customer, but also have to pay more attention to the display of products can not, otherwise the customer may not enter your store. Only the customer is our products will be attracted into our store, we can sell our products, so from the psychological stages of consumer shopping can also be seen that the significance of clothing display.

As for

products on display in the end how to do, I believe that from the viewpoint of consumers, must be in the following aspects in the work, pay more attention to the details of the product display, in order to ensure the product display is effective, really let the clothing display form a good production capacity:

first, let people see


Since the

is to ensure that people can see, it is the first element of our clothing display must be attractive enough to let consumers eyes feel, find him a lot in all in the state, found the original products in our store, or easy to be attracted to our products. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure our products on display are very vivid state (full use of vivid materials: terminal company stores hanging flags, beautiful price tag, the balloon to create an atmosphere, light box, lighting products, key level display well-proportioned, ensure the three-dimensional product display effect and so on), and through the vivid products well, the display atmosphere, eye-catching, stimulate the attention of consumers, so that consumers are willing to stay, stay in our shop for a period of time, of course, give us the transaction opportunity is greater;

second, let people find

consumers come to our store, also attracted by the products, to stay to ensure that consumers can quickly find the products they want, first we must ensure that all products of a kind, the whole category of clothing display show, presented in front of consumers of our clothing display a full is complete, so to put an end to shop any display space (even if repeated, repeated display, also do not give consumers a stock impression); second for consumers to easily find their favorite products better, must be arranged for clothing display display, for example, the use of different display environment (living room, bedroom, kitchen and toilet >

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