fishing is a very good way of leisure, there are a lot of people are very fond of. There are many kinds of fishing equipment, want to be ready, need to spend a lot of money, so many businesses are open fishing shop. How to open a fishing shop? How to manage it? If you are interested in this project, please contact us immediately.

the first investment in general small stores, about 3–3.5 million yuan, after rolling funds generally have a few thousand dollars is enough. After the Spring Festival is a good time to purchase, a spring is ready for fishing, until June is the golden season of gear sales, in the second half of the season and into the beginning of autumn.

on fishing shop return

according to the consumption level of management type

for the cause of Xiaoyouchengjiu, fishing and fishing for competitive high enthusiasm is quite interested in fishing, a major purchase should avoid the blindness, to refrain from impulse or vague understanding sometimes buy sets of inferior goods, "a home a lot, a few useful" phenomenon, cause necessary waste. In addition, this kind of fishing should be long in mind, beware of some so-called friends have an ulterior motive to give you the "recommended" what "print fine float" or "most sensitive float" proposal, spend a lot of money to buy some flashy without substance float.

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