entrepreneurs are now very lucky, they are facing the most investment value of ten years of entrepreneurial era. No matter what entrepreneurial groups, can enjoy the exclusive entrepreneurial policy, set foot on the road to be widened.

44 year old Zhang Nengbo is a deaf mute, who lives in Chengjiang County, Haikou Town, Haikou village. In his family "translation", the reporter learned that he hoped to find a place to communicate with people, to work on the task at hand, but always can not find. Zhang Nengbo hope that the government departments to help people with disabilities in the process, not only to teach the ability to work for the disabled, but also to track security, so that he can go to work as soon as possible.

"some popular professional counterparts had less job, but also by limiting the qualifications, residence, gender, and fresh previous conditions, which greatly reduced the employment space." Mr. Wang was graduated in 2007, did not want to test the civil service, until 2013 was found to be restricted too much. He believes that the major restrictions indeed brings convenience to the relevant professional person, can the campus of the real book knowledge to practical application is not much, a lot of jobs in the test is people’s comprehensive qualities, he hopes to be too hard on professional settings do not.

20 year old Qin Han attended the Tianjin University of Science and Technology, School of chemical engineering and technology specialty is. Although there are more than two years away from graduation, but talking about entrepreneurship, he still felt pressure. Qin Han said, college students venture capital is the biggest bottleneck, he wants the government to engage in some good ideas of entrepreneurship competition, entrepreneurship programs can give more support in funds and technology.

40 year old Jing Wong Xinping County, graduated from Yunnan industrial university. He had found "a secure job", but he is not complacent or resign out of business. After several years of hard work, Jing Wong name has two companies last year, also moved to the Yuxi youth entrepreneurship park. In the park, the government provides two years of incubation period for them in the incubation period, only to receive half of the housing rent, property fee, also provides free loans, entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship guidance, policy consulting service.

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