young people now have entrepreneurial enthusiasm, there are many successful examples around. 19 year old girl with friends to start tea shop, a month to earn 30 thousand yuan, business is booming. Let’s take a look at their entrepreneurial experience!

19 year old Gao is Hangzhou, she studied at the Yiwu Institute of commerce. Three people to open the idea of opening a milk tea shop, she was originally put forward.

however, she believes that since so many tea shops around the school, to other places, have good prospects. Finally, the opportunity to come, not long ago, she told a Panan classmate go home to play, found that Panan people’s income is not low, the consumption ability is also good, the street shop is not much, the tea shop is very rare.

"Panan people have a meal the habit of walking out, sometimes I go out for a walk with friends, find Hotel Heyder has a vacant space." She took a fancy to this place, Hotel Heyder in addition to the local people People are hurrying to and fro., walk to outside, and the summer to swim, and more importantly, another batch of tourists come to Panan for the summer, are staying here. Moreover, near the hotel, there is no cold drink stalls, there is no tea shop.

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