Fujian although the economy is more developed, but because it is located in the coastal cities, the typhoon disaster is also a blessing can be imagined. A hill for cave nest on the tree so as to avoid the tigers, venomous reptiles in the night." Since ancient times, the building for people to protect themselves, is a place to survive. In a typhoon hit Xiamen, luxury villa treasure bay windows destroyed, before the disaster, the house can not protect yourself and your family life, so it is high value and how? As a result, the people of Xiamen quietly thinking of the building changes.

what kind of house should be built what kind of house, the use of large glass curtain wall of the building concept is the transformation…… You can imagine, the storm will bring about a revolution in Xiamen habitat concept. The next morning, the weekly property will participate in the launch of the "typhoon Real Estate Exam" special report, in addition to the analysis of adverse effects caused by the typhoon on the main types of real estate, the reporters also will be kicked off the ground for the house where you parse safety coefficient is higher, a stronger, more as you "to avoid the tiger snake" Xi avoid the shelter of.

luxury windows look good?

single glass area is too large too dangerous

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glass curtain wall off, windows broken is building the typhoon in the most problem, one of the most threatening situation.

yesterday, the reporter visited the exhibition area of Seaview Kenfair Mingfa seascape garden, Aegean Sea, Puerto Galera and other residential areas, there were no large windows, broken glass, shedding phenomenon. Reporters on the scene saw the construction of the overseas 2-3 window glass facade by foreign body impact rupture, individual small window Puerto Galera by the wind away, most of the windows and balcony glass remained intact.

in Wuyuan Bay to the airport area, more glass fragmentation situation. In addition to the "Red Net" Bao Shu Wan Yuanchang, a district near the Gaoqi airport also has more windows and glass damage. According to the reporter observed, the residential apartment layout similarly to the compound, broken for windows, is directly broken, there is also a whole frame distorted almost fall off, some owners currently used canvas and rags cover.

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lived near the airport Takasaki Miss Chen recalled the night of the tragic circumstances of the typhoon is still a lingering fear, "the whole home windows directly collapse, I feel the whole building is shaking. Two bedroom bedroom door was blown open, the family can only use manpower to withstand the door to defend the last line of defense. More than 5 in the morning, after the wind becomes smaller, we have a way to leave the house to relatives in the home." < / recommendation

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