whether it is our daily life, or usually do business, people tend to be limited to a train of thought, like a narrow vision. That year, I worked as a librarian in a library. The library books often take wings to itself things, in order to prevent the phenomenon of stealing books continue to happen, I hung a sign in the library on the wall saying: "where stealing books, a fine of 200 yuan."

, however, the phenomenon of stealing books.

a friend came to see me, I complained to him. The friend saw a sign on the wall and smiled and said, "how can you see it with your eyes?""

"but the library can no longer add administrators." I say.

you can help readers, let the reader to participate in management."

"reader? The book is the reader to steal, let them participate in management, how is this possible?"

"steal the book is just a person, you do not put all the people on your opposite, but should change a vision, to see them as your friends, fully believe them."

‘s friend asked me to bring a pen and paper and wrote a new notice: "anyone who reports on stealing books will reward 200 yuan." After the new notice posted, the library no longer lost the phenomenon of books.

[revelation] in fact, the same is true of life, if we always live in their own world, I am afraid I can not appreciate the beauty of life. In a word, don’t put all the people on your opposite, but think of them as your friends. Business should be the same, so you can become passive initiative. When the phenomenon of loss of goods in your shop, you might as well try!

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