open the store to open stores in the current, this is not what strange things, however, have you ever seen a street vendor can also put on "Street branch"? Below, let Xiaobian take you to know a hero that, through their own efforts, it opened three stores spread". Next, let Xiaobian to take you to see the stall miracle.

2011 New Year’s day, Nanjing female white-collar Chen Yi Shan when shopping, passing through the west gate of Nanjing University, saw a lot of people in the street. Come to sweep the stalls are mostly college students, living in the vicinity or white-collar workers in the vicinity. A: Chen Yi Shan also take as their evenings and weekends to stall?


for the first time

first Liantan, dared not selling, Chen Yishan sold only two small pieces of jewelry, revenue to 30 yuan of money. The next day, she again continue to stall. She was puzzled, there are a few buyers in the payment, the money will be put into her palm, she carefully touch. Then came a couple. The girl took a fancy to a bracelet but too expensive, the boy whispered to the girl, said: "expensive on the point of it, when the offer of love!" Chen Yi Shan was she wearing sunglasses, see light suddenly, when her blind customers! This home late, Chen Yishan thought, paid 100 yuan of money. She thought that way, or how long her inventory will be sold.

also has a stall business by

slowly, Chen Yishan realized some business classics. For example: the spread is also very fierce competition, in order to attract customers, must have a unique commodity. Chen Yishan thought to have to travel to Yunnan, leaving a Dai jewelry store owner strong phone, so he contacted, ordered 50 Dai jewelry. Unexpectedly, these unique and distinctive Dai jewelry, put on the street, they are a lot of girls in hot pursuit, in less than a week sold out. Careful Chen Yishan found that to buy these ornaments are a young family, their pursuit of individuality, love, worship fresh fashion, so she decided to take to do business.

then Chen Yishan day Chutan, have to put on sweater, jeans and shoes, wearing a baseball cap. Her dress after 90, closer to the distance with the customer. Rest time, she bought a large number of fashion magazines, to catch the most popular season wind direction, according to the fashion magazine guide to purchase. For example, "vivi" magazine introduced popular pencil pants, she will sell the matched belt and braces. Chen Yishan followed the trend of wind stall, makes her even more prosperous business.

open branch also has skills

as the business grew, Chen Yishan found the limited stall capacity, many goods are put together, is not convenient, and easy to "self"

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