people’s lives can not be separated from daily necessities, so many people want to open a daily necessities store to start a business to get rich. So how to improve the popularity of open commodity stores? How can you quickly let more people know your shop? Let Xiaobian to introduce some methods.

open commodity store? Good product quality. The store must resolutely eliminate fake and shoddy goods, defective products (special exception), note the FIFO, always check the goods production date and shelf life, and have expired products, and maintain the appearance of goods clean, high quality to win the trust of consumers.

open commodity reputation store?. "People do not trustworthy, integrity has become the basic principle of business, the customer is God and let cheating? But in fact many businesses for the immediate petty profits, regardless of damage to the customer’s promise and then deny in succession, self-esteem, lost their trust," sesame lost watermelon ", finally The loss outweighs the gain. at the door of the shop. A deserted house, had to put up the shutters. Throughout our business, are good reputation. No credit guarantee, even if you put "loss on sale" of the battle, I’m afraid consumers will not appreciate.


Many people open shop on


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