does not say that many women in pregnancy has been stuck in the post, it is said that people’s daily life of electrical products, enough to cause the attention of pregnant women. In short, with the fast rhythm of life comes, rich in life more and more cannot do without all kinds of electrical appliances without more, although the appliance for human life has brought convenience, but all kinds of electrical appliances will also release certain electromagnetic radiation in the process of using, concerned about the health of the people all know, there is a potential threat to human body the health of electromagnetic radiation.

therefore, a lot of people, especially mothers in the selection of radiation suits, will take the lead in reference to the list of anti radiation clothing brand. So, pregnant women radiation suit which brand is good? Let Xiaobian for everyone to reveal the pregnant women radiation suit ten brands list, which can help pregnant women to choose a more suitable brand.

pregnant women radiation-proof clothes ten brand ranking NO.1. Jing Qi radiation-proof clothes

Jing Qi radiation-proof clothes is Italy famous brand, has many years of industry experience, is the world authoritative market research firm AC Nelson hailed as the world’s top ten best-selling maternity brands, is the first brand of radiation-proof clothes. Jing Qi radiation-proof clothes using advanced nano silver ion beam energy vacuum plating technology and deep precipitation technology, enhance the anti radiation clothing shielding efficiency, strength, performance significantly, win consumer and pregnant mother love.

pregnant women radiation suit ten brands list NO.2. Qiao Wei according to

radiation suit which brand is good, experts recommend the second brand is from the United Kingdom Qiao Wei radiation protection clothing. Qiao Wei, according to radiation protection clothing brand is one of the main brands of British Ivy eco technology co.. The brand focus on ecological science and technology, health and environmental protection, in line with the pursuit of the concept of the current consumer, known as the first brand of radiation protection clothing.

pregnant women radiation-proof clothes ten brand list NO.3. Pro Qi

Chinese well-known brand experts recommend Pro Qi third brand. Pro Qi is China local brands, the establishment of a relatively short time, but pay great attention to the performance and quality of products, and actively introduce foreign advanced radiation technology, enhance the shielding performance of the product, the attenuation of electromagnetic radiation to be 99.999%. Pro Qi radiation-proof clothes suitable for high-end consumer groups, the price affordable, cost-effective.

pregnant women radiation-proof clothes ten brand list NO.4. crystal Ting

Christine pregnant radiation suit is a well-known brand in the United States, is a leading brand of radiation protection services industry. Christine ‘s radiation suit has two ultra – vacuum nanotechnology, which will enhance the shielding performance of radiation protection clothing by 40%, and extend the shelf life of radiation protection services in the radiation protection service market

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