want to open a hot shop, not only need to pay attention to external decoration, so as to attract customers, but also need to pay attention to interior decoration, so as to really be able to contribute to the volume of transactions. So, tea shop interior decoration should pay attention to what?

1, a tea shop shelves shelves counters: counter is generous, smooth lines, should generally be made of wood, can be painted imitation mahogany, also can use varnish made of wood color, which can reflect more than tea shop unified harmony, also can do some curio where a small bookcase to put tea and the book of tea, the conditions can be a square table or table to use tea.

2, wall: tea shop wall should be simple and elegant, with wooden decoration board, paint color is good, and with reasonable knowledge about tea tea paintings or promotional materials.

3, the ground: tea shop ground mainly to keep clean and tidy, with marble, terrazzo, also can use paper, preferably with green or gray if the carpet, do not use harsh tone.

4, lighting: tea shop at the top of the lighting must be bright, usually with electronic fluorescent lamp, the brighter the better, counters, shelves are also equipped with a green lamp, not a red light.

5: a tea shop store, ornament embellishment is very important, can be appropriate to put some flowers, bonsai or purple, porcelain, key according to the different characteristics of tea shop, adopt different ideas, to reach the finishing touch effect, must not be blindly piling.

interior decoration work to get a bit, only to allow consumers to feel more comfortable after entering the store, will have a greater role in promoting the transaction volume. So, if you open a tea shop, do you know what needs to be done from the interior decoration work?

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