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network is a network communication tool, is developed at the same time, in the major social networking platform, is also active in a large number of net, now people through the network contact and chat has become very common.

7 21 July, the Mudanjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment four brigade received a command center: in a hotel near the local people Street East a road, a man and a woman because of emotional dispute dispute, women make strong suicidal behavior. After receiving the report, police immediately rushed to the scene. According to a police patrol, then the woman standing on the seven floor balcony, a leg has been vacant, there is a man beside, two people still dispute. In the meantime, the woman shouted, "you cheated me.". The first patrol will separate the two, respectively, on both sides of the emotional stability of persuasion. Subsequently, the police will be sent back to the woman’s home, she suddenly picked up the broken glass fragments and the sleeping pills to swallow the entrance, and excitedly grabbed a piece of glass to cut wrist suicide. Police immediately rushed to control the woman’s hands, and call 120 emergency calls. Subsequently, the woman was rushed to the hospital 120 ambulance.

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see such a scene, but also to remind a lot of people like to chat in the network chat time must be Caution!, not at the same time freely in the network and some heterosexual friends, it is best not to see friends in real life.


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