hardware store profits, many novice entrepreneurs have plans to open the hardware store. For inexperienced novice, want to open a hardware store is not so simple. Novice to open a hardware store to pay attention to what? Small series here for you one of the detailed introduction.

We should pay attention to the following points to open a hardware store:

1, printed business cards, do some marketing and presentation.

2, open hardware store can not be lazy, can deliver as much as possible to send, the price is not a little high appropriate.

3, a hardware store, is full of various types of goods, as far as possible into the whole.

4, service attitude is better, meet the customer to buy the wrong things, can be changed to change, can not change to give back.

5, with good reputation and often to the customer, but it can greatly need to grasp.

6, multi contact people do this building: whether the boss or the migrant workers to learn to introduce their own point of sweat to pay more to the surrounding site to run their own hardware store. But it is important to note that in the construction site and the boss to sell their products: " to put the profits in second business to make the first " this business into the next may be the first to find you. But it also requires you to be able to cushion the money, a formal project he may not be able to speed up the allocation of funds in your mind so fast so you have to be prepared for this.

7, electrical and water play good relations: now what need to be solved, such as your city in the transformation of the city to do what is now, more of the hydropower use, you can pull a number of water electrician, give them a little to let them introduce them to you, of course you can’t sell too expensive the. My family is now doing so, the county’s water electrician basically monopolized by us, but this is not high profit. If in the industrial area… It should be understood, a truth, money open.

From these aspects to consider the open hardware store


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