although the shop will be taken to promote such a way, however, the promotion of the use of different methods, the effect will naturally be different. Not regularly through a reasonable marketing plan to promote the smoke hotel can stabilize popularity, to bring a steady stream of smoke Hotel business. Today Xiaobian will bring a few smoke Hotel promotional programs, to help raise the hotel sales of friends who want to improve the sales bottleneck.

bring their own drinks, the main point of purchase, consumer groups are more concentrated around the store, the group is an important channel to take goods and other features, so that the characteristics of the sale of smoke Hotel is different from the traditional channels. So, the traditional marketing way completely to the hotel name cigarettes were the body is not applicable. So, in the activities of cigarette and liquor vendor’s promotion, according to the cigarette and liquor vendor’s own characteristics, to develop more suitable for cigarette and liquor vendor marketing strategy, how to use the powerful promotion way of making cigarette and liquor vendor sales showing a "hot" momentum?

Tang Jianghua: the name of the hotel name cigarettes

selection may have a promotional benefit

in the cigarette and liquor vendor promotions, to achieve a good result, or to choose those who can produce promotional benefits Mingyan wine shop. For example, some cigarette and liquor vendor near our hotel has been entering the benchmark, we only require the price system of the cigarette and liquor vendor keep stable on the line, not to carry out promotional activities in the cigarette and liquor vendor so as not to post, hotel enterprises felt different for the hotel and the hotel name cigarettes were supported.

for those enterprises temporarily haven’t entering the hotel, we will focus on doing promotional activities in the hotel next to the hotel name cigarettes were. Through effective marketing activities in the consumption of cigarette and liquor vendor next to the hotel guests, take the initiative to go to the hotel to buy drinks cigarettes were approaching consumption, make promotional activities can play a stimulating effect sales.

in the promotional activities of these smoke hotels, mainly for consumers to promote. For example, the points against the wine (consumer each to the consumer to purchase the hotel hotel name cigarettes for a bottle of wine, each 5 points, filled with 20 points, next to the hotel name cigarettes can receive a free bottle of similar products), back cover (courtesy of consumers in the purchase of wine to the hotel name cigarettes were the hotel consumption, came out with cover torn free furongwang cigarettes a bag or Wang Laoji 4 cans gift) etc.. There is the hotel name cigarettes were the staff, we also launched the product cover awarding incentives, the staff also secretly for us.

at the same time, we also choose some with a high degree of stability, sales of hotel name cigarettes were, as long as the purchase of any two of our products, to ensure the display surface, and can reach a certain amount of monthly purchase, can become a member of the company’s stores. And then signed the relevant agreement, to ensure that the company in the enjoyment of the normal activities of the premise of the policy, to enjoy more preferential purchase and the end of the cumulative sales of cash incentives to stabilize a large number of heavy

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