Dragon Boat Festival, dumplings are turning good day will come, in fact, a little meat can also get rich life achievements of entrepreneurs. And this is how the twists and turns of Kings meat have today bursting business.


"opened in the first year of the Dragon Boat Festival, the team lined up to buy dumplings pull long, guests parked motorcycles and cars, the pate road crowded, even out of the traffic police command, I was thinking what is hedeheneng, guests can get so much support!" This is the kings meat boss Lin Peiyu, since the opening of the sentiment.

after fire destroyed, prosecutors said the WONGs at the scene, "we go to check the kitchen gas immediately now, if the gas switch is closed, you can free." In that instant, Lin Peiyu felt that life was like a gamble, and that, between the opening and the closing, their fate was decided. Fortunately, however, it turned out that the fire was not what they did.

also after the fire, the Wang couple met was the neighborhood of the landlord, until now, PATEH Road store is not so easy to rent, the landlord can directly know the WONGs brought a lot of convenience is also very smooth long rented the store now. The kings of meat, is what is recommended

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