today, in addition to Hot pot outside, cooking is the most popular diners favorite dining category. Chinese catering enterprises Huang Huang Kee started in 2004, in a short span of 10 years, through its unique food system and joining system, completed more than and 200 stores and more than and 200 stores layout, the whole system of annual income reached about 2000000000 yuan, becoming the absolute king of sub category. This is the story of Huang Jihuang founder Huang geng.

this and the recent popular Huang Taiji a very high degree of standardization of catering enterprises almost exactly the same, their core is to cook.

Second, I run a 15 year old history, found that the soot on the (near) residents is very large, the high rate of complaints from residents, (jokingly) PM2.5 (pollution), a large part comes from food and beverage.



plus the time really want to scale things, not simply to make money. Open the restaurant itself is very bitter, can do a can solve the above four drawbacks, but also can make me relaxed business?

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