many garment industry experts are made up from a stall at the beginning, then we will talk about how to set up a stall, stall on the road on the purchase, which points to note?

A, price

in general put shopping who are cheap to buy, buy is also unique things, so the price is often more attractive to buyers, can win the market and attract more customers, so low-priced products is very important.

PS: you can consider to find some stock clothing poop or defective goods to do, the price is relatively low, the quality is also good Weihuo are guaranteed, it can guarantee the maximum profit.

choose in the streets or in the market or in the rural town to sell clothes, the first to do a good job of positioning, market positioning according to the different choices of people for different clothes, to a greater extent, ensure that their sales profits in advance, what kinds of groups of clothes, sweater, coat, pants or even the children or the elderly with these should be clear.

PS: in the streets can choose some clothing younger to sell, merchants may choose some in the elderly and children to sell, the rural town can choose in the elderly or children’s clothing category, if there is a school students can choose some partial class clothing to sell. In addition to choose suitable seasonal clothing stall, so it is not easy to press goods, such as cotton sweaters in this season the choice can also have some jeans, sweaters backing apparel, to win market and get more profits.

four, style

If on some clothing styles as far as possible to choose with the trend to do, and if it is not as long as the town is too old-fashioned style can, clothing trends often move goods.

PS: look at the clothes are divided into several. But remember not to say that they like this style to sell this style, everyone and everyone is not the same. You should sell most of their favorite styles.

five channels

is mainly wholesale market and network purchase two channels for purchase, wholesale market can do a good job in examination of purchase, take more than a few good comparison of product quality and price and choose the type of goods more than three in the final selection.

hope these can help you to entrepreneurship, business on the road, these techniques can be very good to help you.

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