today’s female entrepreneurship is not a strange thing, many women and men, like their own efforts to create a career and wealth of their own. So, women in the process of doing poineering work to do what market analysis? Let us follow the whole network Xiaobian look at.

in the cause of the self value of the process, some of the women’s management style is strong, some are careful, but the most reasonable is the complementary character of partner at work.

in team cooperation, different gender, different age groups, different body plays a different role, the key is in the cooperation when the team everyone can play to their biggest advantage.

four" phenomenon

A is high overall quality of women entrepreneurs. Female entrepreneurs at the age of 35 to 49 years of age accounted for 62.4%, college degree or above accounted for   63.1 %, due to the age of the female of higher educational level, in the full vigour of life, are more likely to accept the challenge, adapt to changes in the environment, the tide of reform and put them into a number of outstanding women entrepreneurs in the teeth of the storm, talent shows itself.

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