children’s clothing market is now doing a relatively hot industry, because the children grow faster, clothes are also relatively fast. Therefore, investment brand shoes have a brilliant future. Displayed in shoe brand shoes have talent shows itself in many brands, firmly seize the attention of consumers, it needs to be realized through the display design.

one, color harmony. Many experts suggest the same color. The same color of the shoes together will make people comfortable, will get better grades. However, the display can not be generalized to analyze specific issues, to try to color harmony, same color, uniform style shoes together. Children’s clothing store how to display? Some experts also suggested that cool color contrast to warm color, such as green shoes to set off the red shoes, blue shoes to bring yellow shoes, placed on a shelf of shoes, can not let the warm and cool colors each accounted for 50%, the best is the ratio of about 4:6 more appropriate. Children’s shoes store goods display without the same color collocation, let a person feel the shoe quality is not high. Warm shoes too dazzling.

two, highlights and features. Children’s clothing store how to display? Display recommended features prominently in the shoe store shoes, goods display style unique, prominent features, highlights the distinctive brand image, rendering the appeal of brand.

three, a distinct theme. Shoes have their own inner soul, must be displayed through the display. Let consumers eye can see your brand sports shoes or fashion shoes, children’s shoes or shoes is shockproof nano. The theme of the exhibition not only shows the brand children’s unique design concept, but also can attract consumers visually, stimulate consumer desire to buy. For example, your shoes are on display in sports and leisure fashion theme, its elegant design, integration of western style and Asian elements in children’s shoes on the land, it will naturally attract consumers are keen to buy sports and leisure.

four, rational use of living area. The so-called living area on the face of the direction of the flow of people most likely to see the region, otherwise the dead zone. Children’s clothing store how to display? To put his shoes on the main living area, the secondary styles on the dead, this can greatly enhance the sales. Living area to display appropriate from time to time, according to the day to you here to buy shoes of people who are determined to master time of the customer to shop to a reasonable allocation of children’s shoes on display. For example: Monday, two or three, day to shop is usually higher income "mother", so you can put a few fashionable, expensive and unique style shoes in the living area. On Thursday, five or six people to shop more popular, it can be an ordinary, low price point shoes hanging in the living area.

five, there must be a sense of hierarchy. Display space to create a reasonable, smooth, strong guidance. Children.

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