is now almost all kinds of industry shop will take into account the shop, after all, in the tide of e-commerce development, the shop began to be sought after by more and more people. However, in different industries, the form of entrepreneurship will be different. In the optical industry, the store will occupy the majority. So, why open an optical shop in the main store?

now many industries have been shop shock, such as clothing, daily necessities, small accessories and so on, but we found that the glasses shop, even the glasses industry, so far, are still in the store, most people still prefer to go to the store to buy glasses, especially glasses, and a glasses shop, the choice of the store were also accounted for the majority of this and other industries are not the same. Of course, there are many reasons, and now we come together to know.

is certainly because of the high profit glasses products, even if the need for twenty thousand or thirty thousand per month rent, there is no pressure. And on the Internet, because everyone put the price pressure is very low, so even if there is no rent, profit will not have much. Profit, is the root cause of the glasses shop can not stand down.

is the second because the spectacle itself is fragile, and frame deformation is also possible in the process of transportation, at the same time to buy online glasses, I must be very clearly aware of their degree, otherwise the wearing degree is not suitable glasses, is very harmful to the eye itself. This is also very troublesome for consumers.

there is a problem for ordinary consumers, they are not very clear how to distinguish the authenticity of glasses products, buy a pair of glasses on the Internet may be fake, but after the purchase also get good customer service service, and buy in the store, quality guaranteed, service is guaranteed, so we are willing to go to the store to buy glasses, in turn, has also become the glasses store many.

profitable things no one will refuse, and the reason why people will choose the store, there is a natural reason. So, after the analysis of the above small series, and now if you decide to join the glasses industry, will choose to open the store, or shop it?

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