how to shop for a good name, not good to do this work, it is plagued by numerous shopkeepers, and here, small series suggest that shopkeepers, while the shop name must be able to do both, to meet the requirements of the relevant planning, so that it can ensure the shop name legalization, then let the store for operation.

take a good name to have a certain cultural quality." Dai Qianlun told reporters, in the name of the pursuit of individuality at the same time, but also to do both. "Ya" is to do good, good to listen to, but also give people a little room for imagination; vulgar refers to popular, rather than vulgar, to meet the tastes of the public.

when to shop name, do not be too elegant nor too vulgar, too elegant name not popular, too vulgar name will affect the city’s cultural construction. In addition, take names can also be combined with the geographical position, operating characteristics and the characteristics of the times.

, associate professor of Party branch secretary Dai Qianlun of Neijiang Normal University College of literature and journalism, said Neijiang’s name is Sichuan has the characteristics of words, such as "the horizon" shoes "feet"; some with mahjong unique name, such as "flowers bar".

from the popular level, this name is universal, but will enhance the city culture, it has some impact. Some names with homophonic words replaced individual words in idioms, destroyed the purity of language confusion, especially for young children to learn idioms will cause a misleading.

is now everywhere on the streets of various names visible, or is too ordinary, hard to remember, or is too vulgar, even if you can leave a deep impression, it is difficult to let the customer close, while others are too elegant, let the general public do not patronize. In short, if you want to get a proper name, must meet the tastes, so that more long-term development shops.

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