eleven, with the U.S. group and the public comment news has been made that raise a Babel of criticism of the two business model, similar to the enemy drops, fast walk is old, hope that through to the collapse of prices Baotuan station, reduce their operating costs. However, some people think that the United States and the public comment on the merger or stuffed on 1+1< 2  tragedy, the following is the specific point of view.

this arrangement may keep the original entrepreneurial spirit to a certain extent on the surface, but also because of their cultural differences between the two companies had to remain independent, but also help to avoid the cultural conflict in the integration, but this arrangement can not solve the original system under the repeated investment and resource integration may also be because the lack of a clear subject and discount. Therefore, the two companies will eventually integrate.

in yesterday’s article "which will be more happy: Beauty comments, drops fast and 58  go to the market?", I think the best solution is to merge, the new company into BAT  a flag in the home, and the worst is the new company to continue to not stand, remain independent, in the former case, the prospects might be quite fast and drops, while in the latter case, may and 58  similar market.

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