with the rapid development of economy, in life if it is only a simple job, development needs a lot of the time we economic conditions can not keep up with the times, so more and more people begin to change their own destiny through entrepreneurship. Xiangan (torch) human resources market, the day before yesterday morning. From these people came from all sides, the official said, is to attend a seminar; jokingly said, is to join a "blind date". The public business · highly innovative, entrepreneurial action in Xiangan!

This can be seen from the

and in the morning, opened the curtain of the public business · highly innovative projects to promote entrepreneurship in Xiangan District in 2016, more important to them. In the Xiangan area for the majority of entrepreneurs to provide a broad platform to achieve the ideal business, a total of 78 municipal and district level entrepreneurial projects to look for partners ", attracted a total of nearly 3000 entrepreneurs to find the target, of which 381 people signed a letter of intent.


project will promote, is currently being held in the Xiangan area like a raging fire public business · part of a highly innovative activity week. In addition, entrepreneurship contest, entrepreneurship and other people to preach with Xiangan people (603883, stock it) entrepreneurial innovation closely related to a series of theme activities, has been in full swing.

provides platform

project and entrepreneurs fiery butt

the project promotion will be placed in the spacious Xiangan (torch) human resources market, proved that the organizers of the day of the prophetic vision — people pour in number in the expected. Undoubtedly, is entrepreneurial innovation, this group of people to be strangers to each other tightly pull together.

interestingly, the day before yesterday, whether entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial projects, are invariably called "trip to find a husband". Today harvest is not small, fancy a few projects, the next step to strengthen cooperation." Cai Jianglang drinks business small business from Xiangan store Cai CuO community, on the same day for the joint venture, which makes him confident about the future path of entrepreneurship.

in fact, the venture itself for a superb collection of beautiful things, the promotion is also a "call" stage. Have food items, there are peasant paintings, painting and creative projects, there are a series of related business in the field of entrepreneurial projects, can be described as the variety, variety. These come from the city and district level two venture library project, through the physical operation, model display, video show, exhibition introduction and other forms to attract a large number of entrepreneurs in the eyes.

according to the Xiangan District People Club Bureau recommended

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