is now a lot of people in the store business is not successful, ask up, are summarized as the location of the shop is not good, business is difficult to succeed. So, the shop location is remote, really can’t make money? Let my personal experience for everyone to do a rebuttal, so that more people can recognize the improper location of the store, you can also open a shop opened fire.

has been in the clothing business for several years before moving to school for the convenience of children. At that time, the location of the move away from the shop that is very far away, so I intend to change a shop. But the other side of the shopping street is generally very expensive rental shop. Too can not afford to rent in the front, and there is no empty out of the middle, so I chose the last one of the commercial street, one of the shops.

my husband was very opposed to the beginning, said the store so so remote location, how to do business. I think that as long as the intention to operate, it will not because the location of the remote and can not do business, and finally in my insistence, my husband agreed to my choice.

grand opening brush presence

shop decoration is almost the same as before, do is women’s clothing, shoes and bags store will have. Decoration style is quite good-looking, it is the kind of small fresh bar. However, today, I do not want to tell you about the shop with the decoration of clothing, because I personally believe that these are not directly affect the business of the store key. I think, a good management method and mode is the most important. But those store location is mostly external factors, so that lead to that business is not good because the shop did not choose the right location, is looking for an excuse.

because I have long been aware of this move will come down here, so the first step is to let people know that there is a shop I exist. Then, the shop opened that day, it must be a grand, so my shop shop that day was invited over the green lion dance team, and the choice of opening weekend, when the largest number of people.

lose money to open the market

, of course, on the first day of the opening is sure to do activities to promote the flow of people, I think if you really want to promote their own shops, the discount price of these activities is not to play the role of good, because you do this is actually holding money mentality to engage in activities, if you really want to let people know your things, it must give the people know your family really is something that you have to high quality and inexpensive, so under the original capital.

when I was holding a mind to engage in activities, of course, can not lose too much, so I just go to the wholesale market to find the purchase price is not very expensive, as long as ten recommended

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